Board Members



2018 Livonia Junior Athletic League 
Board of Directors
Executive Board
General Board Seats:
President Jerry Tiernan
Vice-President Bob Lebar
Treasurer Joe McCallion
Secretary Tim Veliu



Unit Directors:

Blue Jay Unit Director Matt Thomas
Eagles Unit Director Harvey Huddleston
Falcons Unit Director Ken Way
Orioles Unit Director Matt Jones


Sport Commissioners:


Marc Baron


Harvey Huddleston
Football Eric Young


Board of Directors


Blue Jays Unit


Baseball                     Gordon Hastie    

Baseball                     Brad MacDonald

Basketball                  Richard Dawson 

Basketball                  Danielle Ebbitt   

Basketball                  Tim Napier         

Football                     Shawn Pittenger 

Football                     Matt Thomas      

Football                     Tony Riggs          


Eagles Unit

Baseball                      Jim Mariani         

Baseball                      Dave Carlson      

Baseball                      Ray Riza            

Basketball                  Rob Davidek        

Basketball                  Mark Harper         

Basketball                  Dave Stokes        

Football                       John Grech        

Football                       Jim Bates          

Football                       Keri Jungel        


Falcons Unit

Baseball                      Marc Baron        

Baseball                      Wayne Liebau    

Baseball                      Tim Veliu            

Basketball                  Scott Lone           

Basketball                  Casey Reed         

Basketball                  Ken Way              

Football                       Eric Young          

Football                       Dan Vaughan      


Orioles Unit


Baseball                      Matt Hazzard     

Baseball                      Matt Jones         




Football                     Jerry Tiernan      

Football                     Bob Lebar          

Football                     Joe Boley          



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